Our client needed modifications to their high-volume claims adjudication system to comply with new ACA subsidy rules from the US Government. ZIO-soft had previously developed this system, tailored precisely to the client’s business processes.

This project involved a major overhaul of the processing engine within the claims adjudication system, which operates on a Gigaspace In-Memory Compute Platform, providing rapid transaction processing and real-time analytics. Using Java-based Gigaspace, we created a high-performance In-Memory Data Grid to process claims in real time, handling high volumes concurrently.

Given the technical complexities, our deep technical knowledge and architectural approach were crucial. We systematically tackled technical uncertainties, iterating through designs until we settled on a solution that efficiently addressed the client’s needs and technological challenges. Our solution introduced parallel workflows to support dual claim adjudication, meeting the ACA subsidy requirement.

Our successful delivery showcases our strong technical skills and close collaboration with the client’s business and technical teams. Working seamlessly as one team, we implemented significant changes to the organization’s critical system within tight deadlines.

The ZIO-soft team is adept at handling mission-critical systems and understands the performance, reliability, and security needs of Fortune 50 companies. Delivering complex systems demands not only skilled developers but also robust management, governance, advanced Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Code Quality (CCQ), and security assessment techniques.


Our work on this project exemplifies how we, in collaboration with our client, delivered a system compliant with ACA regulations without burdening the core claims adjudication system with technical debt or performance issues. With a track record of project success, our team’s technical expertise and effective project governance have enabled us to closely partner with our client’s business and technology teams, achieving remarkable results.