A leading US healthcare insurer urgently needed to modernize its payment systems, handling billions of dollars annually. With a surge in membership growth and an innovative business model driving further expansion, the outdated legacy system posed unsustainable maintenance challenges.

After exploring commercial options, the insurer engaged ZIO-soft to develop a scalable solution aligned with future business demands.


Balancing stability with agility, the insurer sought to expedite the rollout of new features to stay competitive. Off-the-shelf solutions fell short, lacking the necessary adaptability.

The existing system faced delays and instability when introducing new features, hampered by complex testing processes. To address this, we devised two automated testing processes. Firstly, a parallel run of legacy and new systems ensured seamless migration and zero financial discrepancies. Secondly, a comprehensive suite of tests covering every business and technical aspect was created for ongoing changes.

The new system prioritizes reconfigurability, allowing for continual performance optimization. An intuitive interface empowers business users to manage payments flexibly.

Operating on an event-driven architecture, the system efficiently processes intricate data permutations for payment calculations. Integrated seamlessly with existing subsystems and third-party products, it offers a suite of services and data interfaces.


ZIO-soft’s custom solution markedly enhanced the insurer’s ability to adapt to evolving customer needs.

Lower maintenance costs stem from:

  • Enhanced system stability
  • Flexible process monitoring and scaling capabilities
  • Daily automated releases, reducing testing time from weeks to under an hour
  • 24/7 payment processing, replacing the outdated batch system
  • Improved data visibility and modification options

The implementation ensures seamless functionality enhancements without jeopardizing existing operations, underpinning the insurer’s ability to deliver timely, customer-centric solutions.